InnOGun makes two models currently. The InnOGun Hybrid is a unique O/U interchangeable two-barrel gun with a box magazine feeding the lower barrel which has a slide action operation. The top barrel is a single shot rifle, and the gun has a break-open style action with top opening lever. This allows it to be a combination gun in shotgun/rifle, rimfire/centerfire, or centerfire/centerfire configurations. The InnOGun Impulse model is a single shot repeater available in various cals. Additionally, the company also offers a Pulse Tac bolt-action rifle in 7x64mm, 30-06, .308 Win., 7x57mm IS, and an Integral bolt action model. Please contact the manufacturer directly for more information on its unique offerings, current U.S. availability, and pricing.
Current long gun manufacturer located in Obersfeld, Germany. No current U.S. importation.

INNOGUN Firearms Models