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From 2016-2018, Cabot introduced the Cabot of the Month Club (a 1911 delivered each month). Models included: Jan. - S100, Feb. - S103, March - Vintage Classic, April - The Ultimate Bedside 1911, May - Two-Tone DLC Custom Commander, June - Drako Garra (new), July - American Joe Commander, August - S103 9mm, Sept. - Cabot Elite Special Edition (ONLY for CE2017 members), Oct. - S100 9mm, Nov/Dec. - Custom built pistol set for the owner ($15K value).

In 2020, the Gun of the Month Specials returned with 12 Limited Edition 1911 models. Only 20 of each model will be produced and each gun will have a custom serial number to ensure provenance. Total price for the set is $74,000. Models include: Jan. - The Demon GT, Feb. - The Son of Drako, March - Golden Joe, April - Case Color 1911, May - Prospector Icon, June - Belligerent Gentleman, July - Damascus Tornado, August - Rhone, Sept. - Rebellion VC, Oct. - Valley of Darkness, Nov. - Cabot Safari, and Dec. - NERO Damascus.

Cabot Gun of the Month Club resumed in 2022 with only 22 of each model produced. Models included: Jan. - The Duke, Feb. - The American Joe Collector, Mar. -The Obsidian Rhone, April/May - The Double Dragons, June - The Hummingbird, July - The Rebellion Tactical, Aug. - The Belligerent Torino, Sept. - Initium Dark Matter, Oct. - Optimus Prime, Nov. - Cabot Perazzi HiTech (Cabot's 1st shotgun collaboration), and Dec. - Saguaro.

In 2023, Cabot's Gun of the Month Club kicked another collection. Models include: Jan. - Belligerent Rhone, Feb. - Sandrin, Mar. - Midnight Standard, April - Hunt Club, May - The American Flair 1911, June - The Bedside Demon, July - The Aristocrat, August - Icon Royale, September - Apocalypse Deluxe, October - La Arabesque, November - The Hulk, and December - Is a "Top Secret" pistol that will be revealed later in the year!