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Blue Book of Gun Values


Current trademark manufactured by Springfield Inc., located in Geneseo, IL. Springfield Inc. has also imported a variety of models. This company was named Springfield Armory, Geneseo, IL until 1992.

The government owned Springfield Armory closed in 1968, and the "Springfield Armory" trademark was purchased by a private individual in the early 1970s. Initially, the new company manufactured a semi-automatic M14, but when the BATF disapproved the model name, it became the M1A. The company was then sold to the Reese family, and it was moved to Geneseo, IL. Springfield Inc. manufactures commercial pistols and rifles, including reproductions of older military handguns and rifles. For more information and current pricing on both new and used Springfield Armory airguns, please refer to the Blue Book of Airguns, edited by Dennis A. Adler and Tom Gaylord (also available online).


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