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The Seville and El Dorado line of single actions began life in 1972 as the "Abilene". It was during that year that Sig Himmelman built the prototype and formed United States Arms of Riverhead, NY. In 1976, the company became two separate entities, with Sig and Forrest Smith reorganizing as United Sporting Arms of Hauppauge, NY, manufacturing the blue model Seville and the stainless El Dorado. The El Dorado was an important model, because it was the first time that an all stainless .44 Mag. was available to the general public. United States Arms continued to produce the Abilene in Riverhead until Mossberg acquired the line in 1979. Production was moved to New Haven, CT and ceased in 1983.
In 1979, United Sporting Arms of Hauppage established a second facility in Tombstone, AZ. Sevilles weren't manufactured in Tombstone, but were assembled from parts shipped from Hauppage. Only a few hundred models were produced before the New York operations were moved to Bisbee, AZ. While most models were blue, the Silver Seville was a Tombstone variant, with stainless backstrap and high blue finish.
The Bisbee operation was short lived too, and during mid-1979, Sig Himmelman relocated the western operations of United Sporting Arms to Tucson. By 1980, the company had split again into El Dorado Arms of Hauppauge and Sporting Arms Inc. of Tucson. These were separate companies with their own lines of revolvers. Stainless El Dorados were produced in NY and the blue/stainless Sevilles came from Arizona.
While El Dorado Arms (NY) primarily built .44 Mags., Sporting Arms Inc. (AZ) expanded the line with many new chamberings. In 1982, the company unveiled the stretch-frame Seville in .357 Maximum. A couple of .375 Super Mags were also produced before the company was sold and the name changed to United Sporting Arms in 1983. That same year, El Dorado Arms closed shop.
The Tucson facility closed in late 1985. Many unique variants were produced between 1983-1985, including .454 Mag., .375 SuperMag, Sheriff's models, and silhouette guns.
During 1986, United Sporting Arms, Inc. was reformed in Post Falls, ID, but operations could not be sustained. Only 200 (approx.) guns were produced in this location, and quality was sub par compared to earlier Seville models.
By 1988, Forrest Smith and Russell Wood resurrected El Dorado Arms, basing production in Chimney Rock, NC. During 1988-1998, the company manufactured hand fitted and tuned single actions. Both standard frame and stretch platforms were offered, as well as a rimfire model. Production was low, but quality was very high.
The publisher would like to thank Mr. Rick Maples for providing the above information.