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VOLO Price & Value

Current Average Pricing:

The average price for a VOLO is as follows:

New: 950 Login / Register to view pricing

Used: 725 Login / Register to view pricing

These values are based on current market data and can vary depending on the specific features and condition of the firearm.

Estimated Value Breakdown:

To help you further understand the value of a VOLO, we provide a breakdown based on the firearm's condition:

100% (New, unfired): 950 Login / Register to view pricing

98% (Like new, minor wear): 825 Login / Register to view pricing

95% (Minimal wear, well-maintained): 725 Login / Register to view pricing

80% (Moderate wear, functional): 650 Login / Register to view pricing

70% (Significant wear, may require minor repairs): 575 Login / Register to view pricing

*Please note that the estimated values are based on the standard VOLO without any additional features or accessories.

Comprehensive Pricing Information for the VOLO

In this article, we provide a detailed analysis of the current market prices and trends for the VOLO. We've gathered data on new and used prices, fluctuations over the past year, and demand trends to help you make an informed decision when purchasing or selling this firearm. Please note that variations in caliber, barrel length, generations, and sub-models may affect the item's price, so make sure your search is specific enough to obtain the correct value.

Factors Affecting Pricing:

Several factors can influence the value of a VOLO:

Caliber: Different calibers can affect the firearm's price, as some calibers may be more popular or harder to find. Barrel Length: The length of the barrel can impact the firearm's price, as certain lengths may be more desirable or practical for specific purposes. Generations: Different generations of the firearm may have improvements or changes that could affect the value. Sub-models: Specific sub-models or variations, such as limited editions or unique features, can also impact the firearm's value.


As you consider purchasing or selling a VOLO, it's essential to stay informed about the current market prices and trends. Keep in mind that factors such as condition, caliber, barrel length, generations, and sub-models can all affect the firearm's value. By understanding the market dynamics, you can make a more informed decision and ensure you're getting the best possible price.

100% $1,050.00
98% $950.00
95% $775.00
90% $675.00
80% $575.00
70% $500.00
60% $450.00
Add $200 for gold inlay engraved sideplates.
Last MSR was $1,100.

VOLO Description

12 or 20 ga., 3 in. chambers, 28 in. barrels, five interchangeable chokes, with or w/o gold inlay engraved sideplates (Volo Deluxe). Mfg. in Italy by Fausti. Imported 2008-disc.

VOLO Specs

Firearm Type
Action Type(s)
Frame Material(s)
Frame Finish
Barrel Length(s) (in.)
Barrel Profile
Magazine Type
Magazine Style
Stock Type(s)
Stock Material
Stock Finish
Overall Length(s) (in.)
Year From - Year To
Patterned After

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