Daewoo made a variety of firearms available for commercial use, and most of these were never imported into the U.S.
Previous commercial firearms manufacturer located in Korea. Previous limited importation by Century International Arms, located in Delray Beach, FL. Previous importation included Kimber of America, Inc. until 1997, Daewoo Precision Industries, Ltd., until mid-1996, located in Southampton, PA, and previously distributed by Nationwide Sports Distributors 1993-96. Previously imported by KBI, Inc. and Firstshot, Inc., both located in Harrisburg, PA, and B-West located in Tucson, AZ.

DAEWOO Firearms Models

MAX I (K1A1) Image

MAX I (K1A1)

.223 Rem. cal., 18 in. barrel with integrated flash hider, uses STANAG (AR-15, M16) style nags., forged aluminum upper and lower receivers, dual aperture rear sight, front post sight guarded in wings, 3-pos. retractable wire stock, triangul...

MAX II (K2) Image


.223 Rem cal., long stroke gas piston operation, 18 in. barrel with flash hider, uses STANAG (AR-15, M16) style magazines, forged aluminum upper and lower receivers, shrouded rear sight assembly, hooded front sight post/gas block assembly,...



9mm Para. cal., "fast action" allows lowering hammer w/o depressing trigger, 3 1/2 (DP51 C or S, disc.) or 4.1 (DP51) in. barrel, 10 (C/B 1994), 12* (.40 S&W), or 13* (9mm Para.) shot mag., 3-dot sights, tri-action mechanism (...

DR200 Image


.223 Rem. cal., similar to Daewoo Max II/K2 except has an AWB compliant thumbhole stock, 10 shot mag. Imported 1995-96.

DP52 Image


.22 LR cal., DA/SA, similar to DH380, 3.8 in. barrel, alloy receiver, 10 shot mag., blue finish, 23 oz. Imported 1994-96.

DR300 Image


7.62x39mm cal., similar to Daewoo Max II/K2, except has AWB compliant thumbhole stock. Importation disc.