The Art of the Gun: Magnificent Colts - Selections from the Robert M. Lee Collection

The Art of the Gun: Magnificent Colts - Selections from the Robert M. Lee Collection

by Robert M. Lee & R.L. Wilson
Author: Robert M. Lee & R.L. Wilson
Format: Hardcover



Magnificent Colts features the art, history, craftsmanship, mechanics, and romance unique to these “Blue Chips of Gun Collecting.” Coauthored by collector Robert M. Lee and arms historian R. L. Wilson, this lavish work has been years in the making. Over 1,250 photographs showcase Colts from the earliest to modern times. The book is based on the Robert M. Lee Colt gun collection, regarded by many as the finest collection of Colt firearms in the world.

Magnificent Colts includes numerous previously unpublished examples of the finest, rarest, and most unusual Colts made, as well as memorabilia, period photographs, and advertising. The text is detailed, comprehensive, and up to date. Magnificent Colts is in two volumes with over 1,250 illustrations and more than 100,000 words of text and captions, detailed appendixes, bibliography, and index. The considerable fresh data and original illustrations present the Colt story as never before. No less than three photographers were employed for several years to photograph the Robert M. Lee Colt collection. Thousands of images were made, remade, and then made again till perfection was achieved. Most of the Colts were photographed in full size, and because the pages of the book are so large, it’s easy to see the top, bottom, and side of the same gun—often on the same 2-page spread.

This gives the reader a fantastic visual presentation, the same feeling you would have if you held the gun in your hand and rotated it around to see all sides. Bob Lee’s collection covers firearms from the Renaissance to modern times, and Magnificent Colts is the first title in the unprecedented The Art of the Gun series of five titles covering Colts, early firearms, Continental firearms, and English firearms. The Colt set has been hailed as “a landmark in the literature of firearms history and collecting. This extraordinary new book series will showcase some of the rarest and most beautiful guns ever made.”

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